Yoga not for you? Think about Tai Chi

When I think of Tai chi, I think of elderly Asian folks moving purposefully and gracefully at my local park.  Most of the time like this:


Old people Tai Chi Park

and sometimes with pretty props:

Tai Chi in Park

The Chinese characters for Tai Chi (aka T’ai chi ch’uan) are:  太極拳.  These characters translate to “Supreme Ultimate Boxing”.  T’ai chi is thought to have originated sometime in the 16th century. It was originally practiced as a martial art that embodied Yin and Yang along with both Taoist and Confucian philosophical principles.  Today, the study of Tai Chi involves health, meditation, and martial arts.  In the western world, it is practiced more broadly as a fusion of health training and moving meditation.  Not so much martial arts.

Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi was founded by Master Moy Lin Shin, a monk who was sent to Canada in 1970 to spread the understanding of Taoism and its practices.  Master Moy began modestly, with a handful of students.  He originally taught the traditional Yang-style set of movements but over time, modified the set to  maximize its health benefits.   Fast forward to today, there are 40,000 members scattered in 26 countries actively practicing Master Moy’s version of Tai Chi even though he passed away in 1998.  The organization goes on.   This is a video filmed in the 90s of Master Moy.


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