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Stop the Procrastination. Focus and Get S*** Done

Procrastination.  It is one of my most annoying characteristics.  I find all sorts of ways of wasting time or delaying doing something that I don’t really want to do.  Therefore, I have become lazy.  But I am sure that I am not alone.

I have promised myself that I will become more focused in 2017.   When I was in Sales, January was always a time to exhale, review the prior year and plan for future success.   Fresh start.   I need to do this in my personal life.


  1. Make Decisions.  Sounds simple doesn’t it.  My perfectionist soul inhibits my decision-making ability.   Why?  Because I always think that “something better might come along”. It can be anything:  job, trip, an app for this blog, kitchen appliance, etc.   I’m afraid that I will make a poor choice so I stall and do nothing.  So nothing get accomplished.  Procrastination at its finest. I am driving myself crazy.  It has to stop.
  2. Women planning on IphoneGet Organized.  But the only way to do this (for me) is to set goals and log them in a calendar.  I am a scatterbrain.  Not a dumb person, just a distracted one.  I allow myself to wander too much.  Yet since I am actually a goal-oriented person, I should become more focused and be able to increase my productivity if I create daily/weekly objectives.   As a result, I would expect increased satisfaction.
  3. LIMIT screen time.  Playing Ipad games is my dirty little secret.   In the past, this was a way to rest my over-active and exhausted brain.  But now, it’s a procrastination technique.   The one that I play most isHayday Farm Procrastination Hayday.  It’s a game that hooks you in by continually putting forth new objectives.  But the main reason I still play, is that I belong to a community where I can chat with friends and compete in a team “derby” where we complete tasks and win virtual prizes. And I am compelled to feed my virtual animals with virtual feed and harvest my virtual plants.  Plus I am proud of my how pretty my virtual farm is with its virtual decorations.   Weird, I know.
  4. Continue Personal Learning and Development.  I have been taking a social media certificate at a local college which has armed me with basic knowledge and skills.  Taking it to another level requires practice and the acquisition of complementary skills like photography.  One might call these “hobbies” but I see these skills as a means to an end.

My Challenge Words

I am motivated by some of the posts and blogs I am reading.  A key one was posted on BlogShareLearn  Laura E. Paul talks about selecting a challenge along with a word that represents it.   For me, I’m choosing the word  FOCUS and I am borrowing Nike’s motto “JUST DO IT“.

Don’t overthink, don’t over-analyze, don’t worry, stop the procrastination.  Just focus and get “s***” done.

Will I Stop the procrastination?

I have been scouting some tools that can help me move the ball forward.  This is something that I will complete in the next couple of weeks.  In March, I will revisit this post to see if I have made progress.

See, it’s in my calendar.

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13 thoughts on “Stop the Procrastination. Focus and Get S*** Done

  1. Hi Patricia. Thanks so much for your comment. It’s so nice to meet people who are going through similar experiences as me. And are digging deep inside to find themselves even though they’re not sure what to look for. Anyway, that’s how I’m interpreting it! I think you hit the nail on the head though… It’s extremely difficult to rid myself of my workaholic tendencies. I think that’s why I can’t relax and just enjoy it. Need to channel the energy elsewhere; glad to be blogging!

  2. I did a word last year – It was Joy and I loved having it all year. I focused on it (no pun intended) – with a morning coffee mug that read “find joy in each day”, creating a list of “jolts of joy” and even a season of joyful activities for the end of the year. This year my word in “live” (the verb) as in Live the life you dream, Live every day fully. It hasn’t gelled as much… but it’s still early in the year. I also created a vision board (blogged about it) that helped me find my word of the year this year.

    I like your Focus word as well. I’m a (secret) iPad gamer too – yes, it can become a huge time waster. As can FB. Or reading “trash” novels. Can I say, this winter I’ve become the queen of time wasting! I’m trying to shift back into my action plan mode… yeah, I have a quarterly action plan with goals. I have not gotten rid of that workaholic tendency yet! This week I’m committing to putting the trash novels away and doing something meaningful!

  3. Procrastination and perfectionism are tough for me. If I just relax and don’t worry about ‘flawlessness’ then I can get things done. It’s a never-ending struggle, though.

  4. I think most moms who work outside the home have similar schedules. I wonder sometimes how the heck I managed to get through it all! But we all did, we are great at multi-tasking I guess. Good luck with your goals this year Marcy!!

  5. I can totally relate to this post! Between work, kids, travel soccer, and perhaps even a social life, I rarely have time to get things done. When I finally have a second, all I want to do is chill (and yes, that often involves binge watching on Netflix and playing Candy Crush)! Hopefully 2017 will be my year to get moving too! 🙂

  6. Yes, agreed. My shoulders are paying the price of sitting in front of screens for long periods of time. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Screen time is the main culprit for me Marion. Once I sit at the laptop I can be there for hours!! I’m starting to create my daily ritual including less screen time. It isn’t easy but I’m determined to break the ties. Great post with some good ideas to get back into some productivity.

  8. Hi Patty – glad you enjoyed it, thanks! I will swing by your Link Party this weekend. I’m new at blogger networking but so far, it’s been a lot of fun! Thx for the invite!

  9. My life was so structured when I was working and not in a good way. Now that I have time, it’s too easy to procrastinate. I also perform better with pressure and deadlines. Admitting this in public will push me. Thanks for support!

  10. Hi, Marian – I too choose a challenge word and goal for 2017. (Actually, I didn’t choose a word, but once I chose my goal, the word just found me!). Like you, I will review and check on my progress in a couple months’ time. Unlike you, I didn’t yet post my goal on my blog (gives me time to do more research…and gives me room in case my goal/challenge is a big fail). Your completely open approach is definitely the way to go. Good luck…and please keep us posted.

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