About Me

Maui Jim sunglassesMy name is Marian and I am 56 years old.

The Juvenile Retiree targets women in their 50s. This is a decade where we begin a difficult march toward our future as seniors. On the inside, we think we are 35. But as we go through physical changes like the big “M”, we cannot help but realize that we are slowly morphing into old people. Our hair is graying faster, our skin has more wrinkles and age spots, our bellies remain flabby. How do we reconcile what we are on the inside with what we are becoming on the outside? How do we stay youthful without trying too hard to look young?   Do these physical signs of aging affect us on an emotional and spiritual level?

After I took an unexpected early retirement in 2015, I realized that I did not know how to act my age. I feel like a middle-aged teenager sometimes.  The Juvenile Retiree is about my journey moving through this decade.  It’s also about sharing my day-to-day experiences of aging gracefully with a community of like-minded women.